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Vector Systems Limited CDROMs

This product & page now superseded by

Join berklix-announce@ to Receive an emailed copy of the launch announcement, when we release it.

  • Product is launched by us, by first emailing list members that the product is ready, enclosing technical & order detail, & inviting orders.
  • Us waiting a short while for orders.
  • Us shipping all outstanding orders
Only after that will we put the announcement here for general orders.

What The CDROMs Are

Enhancements based on FreeBSD We aren't saying more than that until the product is launched.

Distributors/ Dealers

We need distribution channels. If you are a distributor, please tell us what you can offer.

CDROM Media &/Or Boot Error

Some people & computers always fail to boot & install CDROMs. It makes no difference whether they are our CDROMs are CDROM manufacturer & distributed by others. Some people & computers fail, even when the media & software itself is alright !

To help educate people to be capable of distinguishing what sort of a problem they may have (with ours or other CDROMs), we provide information:

How to check & deal with boot / install problems.

  • Boost user knowledge & competence,
  • Understand possible equipment &/or BIOS limitations or failure.
  • Detect genuine (as opposed to merely suspect) media error (whether caused at the factory, in transit or by greasy fingers or scratching etc by customer),
  • Largely rule out FreeBSD based software boot errors.

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