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Internet Deterrent And Automatic Counter Attack Systems - README

This is:  

By Julian H. Stacey of Vector Systems Ltd
This is a draft README file referred to by the Response system.
README: This may also later be available in other languages from temporary address
  • Your PC was discovered to be a zombie.

    • If you don't know what a computer zombie is, see
    • part of a net of zombie PCs controlled by criminals; probably they gained access to your PC via a virus.
    • That zombie net was or is being used by criminals to attack server systems on other parts of the Internet.
    • That your PC may also still be working for you too, does Not prove it hasn't been zombied for emote control too. (Of course zombie work can be done in parallel to user's work, so user doesn't realise zombie co-residence).
  • We disabled your network configuration

    • To protect our associates (& others in general ) from further abuse by criminals controlling your PC.
    • This may have also prevented your PC from attacking other systems, for which you may have been held liable by them.
    • This may have also prevented your PC contracting further viruses (additional to what's already there).
    • We have not changed any of your data apart from to disable the network configuration.
      Others, eg virus &/or zombie botnet controllers may have changed, added to, or deleted some of your data. We don't know, have not looked & will not look.
  • We regret the necessity

    Similarly to the way
    • Police regret the necessity to stretch a net of claws across a road, to disable wheels of a stolen car
    • You would regret the necessity to truck dumping toxic waste on your land.
  • We Strongly urge you to

    • Re-build or de-virus & de-zombie your PC. Clean all files, file systems & disk partitions, including all your removable media eg CDROMS & USB memory sticks etc, we suggest you also check if others of your PC's have been zombied or virused.
    • Do it Before you reconnect to the Internet.
    • If you don't know how to, get professionals to do it.
    • We are Not trying to sell you fixing services, It is is your own responsibility to select your PC repairer & maintainer, just like people select their own car mechanic for accident damage repair, & periodic maintenance.
      Sorry, but we can't recommend anyone, as anyone in any country may receive this message, we can only suggest you use some other PC to search the internet for help, & maybe contact your ISP = Internet Service Provider.
    • Please take responsibility & do your best to ensure control of your PC is not again stolen from you by criminals, (just like eg it's also your responsibility to lock your car & not leave on street with keys in ignition). Consider installing [better] anti virus packages, passwords etc.
  • Do not reconnect your PC to the net until zombie & virus[es] removed

    • If you reconnect to the Internet Before removing the zombie & virus[es] we or others may take harder action, which could include eg:
    • Harder hitting action to cripple your PC software, eg perhaps removing numerous programs so the PC will not boot or run properly, (though even then we would try to leave data files intact).
    • Legal pursuit against you for damages.
  • Do Not Consider Action Against Us

    • All we did was de-activate your zombie PC, After you had left it exposed, & criminal seized control, & turned it to a zombie to attack our associates.
    • If you choose to escalate, we would have to too. too.
    • Don't waste your time or money using lawyers, (our associates could out-sue them anyway, countering for damages your zombied PC(s) (that you failed to control), inflicted against our associates' servers, plus costs for de-activating your zombie).
    • Better spend your time & money fixing your zombied PC(s) that are currently remote controlled by criminals.

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